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Tuesday August 16th 2022


Mickey Mantle: Money, the New York Yankees, and Teammates

"If I was playing with the Yankees now, or even then, if somebody said, 'Hey, I'll give you a million dollars a year to go to Cleveland,' my ass would have been in Cleveland. But they didn't have that.

"When I came to the Yankees, I was 19-years old. I was like a little brother."

Right fielder Hank Bauer, who made sure that anyone who could help the Yankees win helped the Yankees win, took Mickey under his wing.

The only clothing Mickey had was a pair of Levis and penny loafers.

Bauer took Mickey shopping, bought him a few suits, and slowly taught him the ropes.

Mickey was loyal to the Yankees. He credited their great run in the late 1940s and 1950s to a feeling of family.

"Heck, if we'd won in '54 and '59, ...

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