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Tuesday December 1st 2020


Mickey Mantle Didn’t Make His a Double in 1961—And Neither Did Roger Maris

speaking, power hitters should rack up a prodigious amount of doubles.

They certainly hit the ball hard enough to reach the outfield wall or split the gaps in the alleys. And except for Harmon Killebrew, whose feet of lead carried him to only 290 career two-baggers—against nearly twice as many home runs (573)—the majority of sluggers do possess doubles totals that correlate with, or at least approach, their home run totals.

Ted Williams slammed 525 doubles to complement his 521 clouts. Lou Gehrig’s 534 doubles outdid his 493 round-trippers. And Hank Aaron, a four-time league leader in two-base hits, collected 624 of them while smashing 755 home runs.  

This is, of course, partly a function of home-stadium ...

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