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Tuesday November 19th 2019


Mickey Mantle and the Draft: Three Strikes and You’re out

Mantle had a spectacular spring training in 1951, but there was a cloud on the horizon that had little to do with his ability.

The United States and the United Nations were involved in the Korean War. In 1950, men between the ages of 18 and a half and 35 were being drafted for terms of duty that averaged about two years.

While playing high school football, Mantle was kicked in the left ankle. An infection developed which resulted in chronic osteomyelitis. Mantle was classified 4-F the first time he was examined, but his draft board decided to re-examine him.

Before his pre-induction physical, Mantle was extremely upbeat with respect to defending the freedoms that had made American unique. He told reporters that he wouldn't mind ...

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