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Tuesday November 24th 2020


Mariano Rivera: Are the Yankees Doomed to Fail This Season?

Mariano Rivera out for the season, as it stands today, the Yankees will not win the World Series.  They can't.  They simply do not have the pieces a championship caliber team requires to win it all.

Losing Mariano Rivera is a devastating loss for the team as well as all of baseball and its fans. 

If George Steinbrenner were alive today, you can bet he would have released one of his trademark eccentric, over-the-top dramatic, press statements declaring that the Yankees reflect on the loss of an all-time great from their roster, and that they are bent but not yet broken. 

And he would be right.

He would be right because Rivera wasn't the key to this season.  You can never fully make up for the loss of ...

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