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Wednesday December 2nd 2020


Mariano Rivera: 10 Greatest Moments of Yankees Closer’s Career

legend that is Mariano Rivera was born and raised in the postseason and the 10 greatest moments of his career speak to his incredible dominance in that.

After a sluggish start to his career in the 1995 regular season, "Mo" turned it on when the lights shined brightest in October. As it turns out, he was just telling the world what was coming their way for the next 15 years.

With a 0.70 ERA in 141 postseason innings, his playoff success is unparalleled. With the greatest ERA-plus in baseball history, he is not only the greatest postseason pitcher of all time, but his name belongs in the discussion for the greatest pitcher of all time. 

Here are the 10 greatest moments of "The Sandman's" career.

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