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Friday August 12th 2022


Marcus Thames Emerges As Unlikely New York Yankee Hero

admit that I wasn't always the biggest Marcus Thames fan.

I hated his long swing. I hated how he played the outfield like a foreign exchange student in gym class. I even hated his name—and no, not his oddly pronounced last name.

Has there ever been a likable Marcus? Really? No...no there hasn't.

But just when it looked like Thames had a chance to make my Mount Rushmore of most disliked Yankees—Rogers, Brown, Pavano, Mondesi—something strange happened.

Marcus Thames became...a fearsome slugger.

These things happen in baseball, but this is especially true for the Yankees, whose recent history is filled with one-hit wonders. It goes like this: Player X, unheralded and overlooked, emerges out of nowhere, has a run of ...

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