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Monday November 30th 2020


Lou Gehrig and the Greatest Baseball Season of All Time

Gehrig. His name is synonymous with the American psyche for two reasons. One, he was one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game, and two, his name was given to a life-ending disease that took his own life in 1941. 

Gehrig was first diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the Spring of 1939. It is said that most who are afflicted with the disease die within three to five years of receiving the news.

In his case, Gehrig died only two years after first finding out his condition. It then becomes reasonable to think that he was already suffering from the disease for most, if not all, of the 1938 season. 

Gehrig's numbers that year were tame by his standards, but still quite good by any stretch of ...

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