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Saturday May 15th 2021


Joe Girardi, New York Yankees Manager: Sometimes He Just Doesn’t Add Up

easy to point to Tuesday night’s Yankees-Angels game, look at the line in the top of the sixth inning, and presume that it was simply yet another example of A.J. Burnett being his own worst enemy.

Typically, games pitched by A.J. Burnett go one of two ways. First, there’s the kind where you know from around the third pitch of the game that he has no shot of performing well, usually because he can’t locate any of his pitches and is behind in the count on virtually every batter.

The second kind is where he’s cruising along, seemingly dominant or close to it, and you know that at some point, either because of a bad call, poor fielding behind him or because a shiny object in the first row caught his attention, his outing ...

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