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Saturday May 26th 2018


Joe DiMaggio & Ted Williams in 1941 V. Roger Maris & Mickey Mantle in 1961

Mantle and Roger Maris had one of the greatest seasons any duo in history ever produced. So did Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams.

When he first arrived on the baseball scene with the Cleveland Indians in 1957, Maris was considered by many to be "the next Mickey Mantle."

Mantle was going to be the next Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio, or both.

In 1941, Williams batted .406/.553/.735 with a league-leading 37 home runs and 120 RBIs. What was good then but has become incredible today is that Williams struck out 27 times in 606 plate appearances.

No matter how many more years baseball is played, Williams will remain the last player to hit .400.

DiMaggio's 1941 was more spectacular, but he didn't have Williams' statistics. ...

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