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Monday December 6th 2021


Javier Vazquez Wins, New York Yankee Fans Feel Stupid

The day was April 14, 2010, the second home game of the season.

The Yankees were the reigning 2009 World Series champions, making New York glow with pride. Yankee fans' subdued looks of unfamiliarity from 2009 were replaced with smiles because our new house felt like a home.

At least that is how I felt that Wednesday afternoon, until the game started.

The Yankees were hosts to the Los Angeles Angels, so as the home team took the field my cheers were silenced with booing, cursing as if the season were over already.

As I sat down in confusion, which was more like a polite denial, my heart sank as I knew what was happening. My dad was on my left and initially he was not as affected by the whole situation.

So, I stood ...

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