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Saturday September 19th 2020


Jacoby Ellsbury Leaves Red Sox with Class, Thanks Boston Fans with Globe Ad

class="ui-droppable">We hear time and again that all of these transactions, trades and switching between teams boil down to MLB being "a business." Still, Jacoby Ellsbury made it personal for one final act in Boston, and he did it in the best way possible. 

Thanks to the following tweet from The Boston Globe, we get to see what saying your fond farewells to an entire Red Sox Nation looks like: 

It's short, sweet and classy. 

This wild offseason has seen Prince Fielder change uniforms and home-plate collisions take a back seat to safety. Amid the upheaval, a Boston Red Sox player decided it was time to move on and chose to don the garb of a hated rival. 

Ellsbury is hardly the first athlete ...

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