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Tuesday September 22nd 2020


Is Yankees’ New Spending Cap Going to Alienate an Already Overcharged Fanbase?

New York Yankees aren't in uncharted waters just yet, but they're getting there. The organization will soon look less like the Yankees and more like, well, everyone else.

The big question: When the Yankees get to where they want to be, will people still want what they're selling?

By now, everyone should know what the Yankees are planning for the 2014 season. A new luxury tax threshold of $189 million is going to kick in, and Hal Steinbrenner would rather not subject the team to its penalties and save a few bucks.

OK, fine, "a few bucks" is putting it lightly. The new CBA calls for repeat offenders of the luxury tax to pay a higher tax rate, including a 50 percent tax for clubs that exceed it for the fourth time or more. That would be ...

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