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Saturday September 19th 2020


Inside the Psyche of a Yankees Fan Base Starting to Love Kevin Youkilis

class="ui-droppable">The one-year deal between Kevin Youkilis and the New York Yankees didn't just represent a stopgap at third base until Alex Rodriguez recovers from hip surgery, or a low-risk, high-reward move for a player coming off a career worst season.

It was the continuation of a long line of former Boston Red Sox stars who join the New York Yankees during the back end of their careers, much to immediate and harsh reaction from the Bronx fan base.

From Babe Ruth to Doug Mientkiewicz, with Boggs, Clemens and Damon sandwiched in, Boston players have jumped ship to New York countless times over the decades of the rivalry.

Yet negativity remains at first blush. Fans harbor dislike for uniforms, players donning them and never, ...

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