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Saturday September 19th 2020


How Would Playing for Another Franchise Impact Derek Jeter’s Baseball Legacy?

image of Derek Jeter playing for a team other than the New York Yankees is difficult to visualize. 

Jeter wearing a different uniform (and likely playing a position other than shortstop) would seemingly cause a rip in the fabric of the universe. This is the sort of thing that just isn't supposed to happen.

He's "The Captain." He has played for the Yankees for 18 seasons. For many of us, he is the New York Yankees even though their rich history obviously says otherwise. 

Yet Jeter apparently doesn't feel the same romance about his playing career that the rest of us might. When ESPN's Rick Reilly asked him if he could see himself playing for a new team, as Peyton Manning is this year with the Denver Broncos, Jeter said ...

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