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Wednesday September 23rd 2020


How Have MLB’s Oldest Teams Performed over the Last Decade?

class="ui-droppable">In a sport that is so much about numbers like wins and home runs and WAR, perhaps the most important one in baseball is age.

Age, as you might've heard once or twice, is nothing but a number. Is that actually true, though, or just an (ahem) age-old adage?

The New York Yankees, it seems, could be putting that very question to the test during the 2014 season. To this point in the offseason, the Yankees have been the biggest spenders—and may be handing out even more money yet—but another element of their winter hasn't gone unnoticed. That would be the fact that the oldest club in baseball last year has, if possible, managed to get even older.

In 2013, the Yankees' average age was 31.8 years old—for ...

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