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Monday March 25th 2019


Home Run Derby Boos and Mocking Cheers Rain Down on Father-Son Cano Duo

Cano got caught in a storm of hostile revelry as Kansas City was transformed into a no-heartland for the returning Home Run Derby champion and his beloved father, Jose. 

The father-son duo of pitcher and slugger pulled off a thrilling win in the 2011 Derby, culminating with Cano leaping into his father's arms.

That touching moment captured the beauty of baseball. Many men have cherished memories of playing catch with their fathers in the backyard, which made Cano's display of childlike glee with his proud pitching pops all the more relatable.

By contrast, if there was any empathy during the 2012 incarnation of the derby, it was drowned by the chorus of mocking cheers Cano received for every failed attempt to clear the wall.

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