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Sunday September 27th 2020


Have New York Yankees Used Up Their Aging Replacements in Keeping Team Afloat?

class="ui-droppable">New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman economically replaced his injured stars prior to Opening Day and kept the 2013 team in contention with—to put it gently—declining veterans.

Cashman signed Travis Hafner and Kevin Youkilis to fill the voids at third base and designated hitter, while Alex Rodriguez rehabbed from hip surgery. He obtained Vernon Wells from the Los Angeles Angels when Curtis Granderson went down with an injury in spring training. New York also signed Lyle Overbay as a body to put at first base while Mark Teixeira nursed his wrist back to full strength.

Initially, those aging position players battled admirably to keep the Yankees afloat. As of June 14, unfortunately, they're all seemingly ...

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