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Tuesday September 22nd 2020


Ex-Yankee Shane Spencer Victim of Radio Impersonation in Steroid Allegations

class="ui-droppable">With the recent suspensions in the Biogenesis scandal, steroids are a topic of discussion in many circles.

However, there are some people that take it to a different level, perpetuating lies for air time.

Last week it was Jack Clark on his radio show, who claimed that Albert Pujols' trainer told him Pujols took PEDs. Thankfully Clark was fired for those comments.

This week, it was a person pretending to be former major leaguer Shane Spencer, claiming he took steroids while with the New York Yankees.

According to ESPN New York's Wallace Matthews, the interview happened with host Mike Lindsley of ESPN Radio 104.5 The Team. By the time it was revealed that the interview was a hoax, word had already ...

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