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Friday September 21st 2018


Eduardo Nunez: Why the New York Yankees Need to Trade Him Now

New York Yankees need to trade Eduardo Nunez as soon as possible.

Nunez has already shown himself to be a legitimate major league hitter with good speed. He was 15-for-51 with six steals this year before being sent down to Triple-A, but he wasn't helping the team.

He was a defensive nightmare at every position he played. In just 20 games in 2012, he has made errors at second base, shortstop, third base and left field (although he was fortunate enough to have Major League Baseball change his error in left field to a hit).

When the Yankees sent him down to Triple-A following a two-error game at third base, they committed to him being a full-time shortstop so that he could focus on just one position.

In just three games at ...

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