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Wednesday September 23rd 2020


Down in ALCS and Facing Justin Verlander, the New York Yankees Are Not Dead Yet

Steinbrenner must have risen from his grave, walked out to Monument Park following the demoralizing Game 2 loss by his beloved New York Yankees, strolled past the plaques for Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio and croaked all over again. 

Or was it Derek Jeter? Did Jeter break his ankle, or did he die on the infield dirt during extra innings of Game 1?

It has to be one of the two, because the only explanation for a seemingly never-ending stream of Yankees obituaries this week would be if one of the team's most beloved figures had actually died. 

It's hard to believe so many people would be writing the Yankees off after two bad games (and one frustrating injury) in the American League Championship ...

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