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Thursday May 24th 2018


Does Yankees’ Rafael Soriano Deserve to Be a 2012 AL All-Star?

months ago, no one could have foreseen the present Yankee bullpen before us.

After recording his best year in the majors, Rafael Soriano swapped AL East uniforms and joined the Yankees in 2011.  His 45 saves in 2010 with Tampa had catapulted him into a setup role and a lucrative $35 million contract.

Much was expected from the 32-year-old, even if general manager Brian Cashman wasn’t fully on board.  "I didn't recommend it,” he curtly explained at Soriano’s press conference.

As for the 2011 season, Cashman looked like a soothsayer of the highest power. 

In a rather short amount of time, Soriano managed to pitch ineffectively, call out his new teammates and set up shop on the disabled ...

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