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Sunday September 20th 2020


Do the New York Yankees Still Have the Same Drawing Power for Top Stars?

class="ui-droppable">The New York Yankees may have problems, but let's not go overboard. New York and the Yankees are still a draw, still an attractive destination for players.

Even if the team happens to be coming off a playoff-less 2013 campaign, it was only the second such over the past 19 seasons.

Even if longtime stars Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte are gone, and captain Derek Jeter is on his last legs, the club still has top-down stability in longtime general manager Brian Cashman and returning manager Joe Girardi.

Even if the unending Alex Rodriguez suspension saga continues to complicate matters, the team is likely to get at least some sort of a reprieve from that mess during the course of the 2014 season.

And ...

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