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Tuesday July 27th 2021


Derek Jeter’s New Swing Mechanics: How It Impacts the New York Yankees

all know what happened to Derek Jeter last season. He had the worst overall offensive season of his career. Then, last September, Jeter started working with the Yankees hitting coach, Kevin Long, and his season started to turn around.

What was the one thing Long and Jeter were focusing on? Jeter's stride when he was swinging the bat. Last year it seemed like every time Jeter was at the plate, he simply hit a ground ball and this was more than likely caused by his stride not letting him see the ball long enough. So, Long wanted Jeter to shorten his stride and it seemed to work. This year, Long wants him to eliminate it completely.

As players get older, they lose bat speed. A loss of bat speed means the player has to be able to see the ball longer ...

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