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Friday August 19th 2022


Derek Jeter’s Acting No Different Than That of a Typical Outfielder or Catcher

Jeter is loved by many and hated by more. No matter what he does, there are still going to be people who hate him and people who love him.

On Wednesday night, a Chad Qualls fastball ran inside on the Yankees captain, and Jeter spun around, acting as if he was hit by the pitch. However, the replay showed that the ball hit the bat and missed Jeter entirely.

Jeter later admitted that the ball hit the bat, but his acting convinced the umpire, and he was awarded first base. Though controversial, this play did not matter in the end because the Tampa Bay Rays won the game.

While people want to get on Jeter’s case about “cheating,” this play is no different than other types of “cheating” that happen all the ...

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