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Friday August 12th 2022


Derek Jeter Wins Yet Another Undeserved Gold Glove

is this so difficult?

Stop giving awards to players based on erroneous, misguided notions.

Is it so hard to be logical? To not look at ESPN's web gems, but rather use your own judgment based on fact?

No one cares who you believe to be a "winner" or "leader" or a "grinder" or who ESPN casts as their hero in their sports theater.

No one cares about Derek Jeter's patented jump throw or some play from 2001 when the terrible, but also roided Giambi was in fact safe/should have slid. In fact, Jeter has to jump and throw because he doesn't have the arm to stop and throw.

Is Jeter the only option under shortstops when it comes to Gold Glove ballots because he has won at least four more than he should have?

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