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Sunday November 28th 2021


Derek Jeter Wins Another Gold Glove: Did He Deserve It?

you have been following the Yankees young 2010 offseason, or have even just been keeping up with NY sports in general, you know there are basically only two topics worth discussing. The first and most obvious is how badly the Yanks want to get free agent pitcher Cliff Lee. That's a no-brainer though and with Lee the Yankees will have an unstoppable rotation.

The other topic has been Derek Jeter. When will the front office fire an offer? How much will they give him? How long will the contract be? And most importantly, for how many more seasons will DJ be the Yankees starting shortstop?

So after yesterday, camp Jeter now has another argument to work with now that he's locked down another Gold Glove. In my mind 2011 will be no different than ...

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