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Thursday September 28th 2023


Derek Jeter: The Curious Downfall

you glance at Derek Jeter’s .261 batting average in 2010, the first thing you ask yourself is: Do I need glasses.


Because, barring an extremely unprecedented surge, Jeter is on pace to hit below .300 for the first time  since 2002. More concerning, it will be his lowest batting average since 1995, his first season, when he played just 15 games.

So what is it? What is happening to the Captain?

It isn’t hard to find the problem. Jeter’s line drive ratio is at a career low, his ground ball ratio is at a career high, and his fly ball ratio is at a career low.

Clearly, Jeter is all out of whack.

His home run per fly ball ratio is the closet to his career average of all his ...

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