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Tuesday August 16th 2022


Derek Jeter: Question of Character or Part of the Game?

9:15 EST Wednesday night while playing the Tampa Bay Rays, Derek Jeter did something we have never seen him do, and might never expect him to do. Jeter has been an ambassador of the game and is known for being a class act throughout his career, but on Wednesday night...

He acted.

Down one in the top of the seventh inning, Jeter led off and showed bunt on Chad Qualls' first pitch. The pitch flew inside and Jeter began to pull his bunt in. The ball tailed in and hit the bunt of Jeter's bat. The crack of bat was definitely profound and I thought he might have just gotten hit along with the bat because he was absolutely thriving in pain. Oh No! What if he broke a finger? Jeter is cringing, grabbing his arm and waning as the coaching staff goes ...

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