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Friday August 12th 2022


Derek Jeter Negotiations Bring Out the Worst in Yankee Fans

you’re going to write anything this month about Derek Jeter and his current negotiations with the New York Yankees, you need to begin by weighing in.  So, for what it’s worth:  No, Derek Jeter is not worth six years at $25 million a year.  It is also fair to say that he is worth more than three years at $15 million per season.

For many of us with a lot of Internet time and a lack of a social life (those two things go hand in hand) the story has another rather dark and surprising side.  Looking over discussion boards and comment threads on the subject, you'll find quite a number of Yankee fans who are ready to crucify the man who’s been their franchise for the past 15 seasons.

Sure, it bears mentioning that ...

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