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Tuesday August 20th 2019


Derek Jeter May Be Only Person with the Power to End Yankees vs. A-Rod War

class="ui-droppable">Just when it looked like things were strained beyond repair between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees, here comes Derek Jeter to save the day. 

Of course. 

Jeter's legend in New York is so big you could practically fill the state with all the stories that are made up about him. He is a folk hero to the fans and the city, similar to what Chuck Norris has become in pop culture. 

The latest heroics from the Yankee captain involve getting A-Rod and the Yankees brass who were not so happy with the star third baseman for his quick computer finger to patch up some of their differences. 

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Jeter said that he can see the work his embattled ...

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