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Saturday January 16th 2021


Derek Jeter and Steroids: He Just Says No? He’s Not Trying Hard Enough

tell you I would have drafted Derek Jeter in a fantasy minute if I was sure he would follow a responsible steroids regime. But he’s an icon with a sense of righteousness, a determination to be a role model. I’d worry that Jeter might just say no.

He’s off to a predictably lousy start and it’s his own fault. He’s a 37-year-old who hit .270 last year, 64 points lower than he hit in 2009 and 44 points below his career .314 average. He was never as consistently good at shortstop as his press clippings, and he’s slipping a few steps more.

No question, he should be thinking seriously about HGH, steroids, EPO, whatever’s working these days, not to mention the designer protocols and their masking agents that very ...

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