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Friday August 12th 2022


Decision 2011: How Much Is Derek Jeter Worth?

winter Derek Jeter will be paid a lot of money by the New York Yankees. 

The New York Yankees are a team that promotes their history better than any franchise in sports today.  Jeter is the living embodiment of the team's return to glory.  That makes his value unique to the Yankees, but not to the rest of baseball. 

He will make more money than any other shortstop in baseball in 2011 (and a few years thereafter) and by a significant margin.  This is undeniable.  There is no chance that Jeter or the New York Yankees end in divorce. 

Jeter's resume speaks for itself.

Five World Series titles, plus a World Series MVP Rookie of the Year 12 All-Star Selections Four Gold Gloves (no laughing ...

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