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Thursday November 26th 2020


Debate: Will Former Yankees Pitcher Roger Clemens Get into Cooperstown?

Monday, the announcement came that Roger Clemens was found not guilty on all six counts of perjury charges.

Clemens has been under investigation and on trial for lying to the government back in February 2008 about taking performance-enhancing drugs during his career.

The government based a lot of their case on Clemens' former trainer Brian McNamee, who had testified that he gave Clemens steroids and HGH from 1998-2001. Clemens' team of lawyers worked very hard to discredit McNamee as a witness because "he kept changing his story."

Now that Clemens has been found not guilty and will not be going to prison, the real debate on Clemens' future can begin.

"The Rocket" hasn't pitched in the Major Leagues since 2007 and while he hasn't ...

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