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Tuesday November 19th 2019


Dave Eiland, AJ Burnett’s Ex-Pitching Guru, Still Sticking It To The NY Yankees

been quite a few weeks since former Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland was removed from the team's equation for 2011, and Cubs coach Larry Rothschild was hired to replace him.

The many ways in which Rothschild is a major upgrade for the Yankees this coming season (and the obvious and equal number of ways Eiland's departure was necessary) will be dealt with by others in the coming months and season.

But in each interview since his bon voyage and subsequent landfall in the the front office of the Tampa Bay Rays, Eiland has relied upon both the good will and silence of the Yankees organization and New York beat writers to rewrite history.

Not once has he thanked the team that gave him his biggest shot in the baseball business, or even ...

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