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Wednesday January 20th 2021


Damn Yankees: Roger Clemens the Latest in a Long Line of Disgraced Bombers

Roger "the Rocket" Clemens gets a pass until September because of a prosecutor who was either woefully inept, incredibly arrogant, or both.

For those who don't know, the gist of Clemens' legal trouble is this: He is accused of being a cheater and a liar, doing the latter to a room full of...cheaters and liars.


When you put it like that, seems like a pretty ridiculous scenario and waste of taxpayer money right there.

But I digress.

Unfortunately, Clemens is not the only player who has donned the pinstripes to have a tussle with the law.

Some even managed to find their trouble during the season.

After the jump, 10 more "upstanding citizens" and one arrest so ludicrous it needed to be included.

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