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Monday October 26th 2020


Creating a Contending 2014 Yankees Team for Under $189 Million Tax Threshold

class="ui-droppable">For the first time in as long as just about anyone can remember, the New York Yankees enter an offseason with more questions than answers.

Between retirements (so long, Mo and Andy), potential free-agent departures (will you stay or go, Robinson, Curtis and Hiroki?), injury recoveries (how's the foot, Derek?), aging former superstars (gettin' up there, CC and Mark) and whatever the heck is going to happen with Alex Rodriguez's suspension appeal, this is a team rife with problems, holes and unknowns.

To top all of that off, the Yankees are coming off only their second postseason-less campaign since 1995.

The good news is at least one other potential pitfall already has been addressed with the return of manager Joe ...

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