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Saturday September 26th 2020


Constructing Yankees-Twins Justin Morneau Trade to Replace Mark Teixeira in 2013

they signed Mark Teixeira as a free agent in December of 2008, the New York Yankees must have figured they weren't going to have to worry about first base for the next eight years.

Sure enough, here are the Yankees in 2013 worrying about their first base situation thanks to Teixeira's ailing right wrist. It could be just a matter of time before general manager Brian Cashman starts making some calls to see who's available.

If it comes to that, one of the calls he'll surely make will be to the Minnesota Twins, and the player on his radar will be none other than 2006 American League MVP Justin Morneau (a h/t is in order for B/R FC Doug Rush for proposing the idea first).

It all depends on what happens with Teixeira's wrist. The ...

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