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Tuesday August 9th 2022


Cliff Lee: The New York Yankees or the Texas Rangers? A TAXING Decision

Cliff Lee decision, barring any unforeseen final efforts like the Nationals offering Jayson Werth-like money, seems to be narrowed down to the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees.

If both are offering seven-year deals and both are dangling similar amounts of money, then what might be the tipping point for Lee?

I would argue that the decision-making factor for Lee might be the same one that swayed LeBron James in his decision to go to Miami.

Now, I am not pretending that this was the only issue in James’ decision, but I can’t help but feel that it was certainly a big-time factor.

LeBron decided not to go to the New York Knicks. Instead, he opted for the Miami Heat. Miami, being located in Florida, has no personal ...

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