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Friday August 12th 2022


Carl Crawford: New York Yankees’ ‘Plan B’ for Andy Pettitte…Not Cliff Lee

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It has been widely reported that the New York Yankees have engaged in talks with free agent Carl Crawford because they consider him a potential "plan B" should they fail to sign the apple of their eye, pitcher Cliff Lee.

What has not been mentioned at all, however, is the possibility that New York might also be considering the speedy outfielder as a "plan B" should Andy Pettitte decide to retire.

And why wouldn't they?

If Crawford really is considered a backup plan in the event that Lee doesn't sign on, why on earth wouldn't he be just as good a backup plan—if not better—in the event that Pettitte decides to retire?—And by the way, it's sounding more and more as if that is exactly ...

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