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Tuesday September 22nd 2020


Bronx Bummers: In the End, Yankees Are Who Most of Us Thought They Were

class="separator">"Dear Yankees, we don't date losers! Signed New Yorkers."

That was the headline on the front page of the New York Post the day after the Yankees were swept out of the ALCS by the Detroit Tigers, relaying the overwhelming sentiment of disgust and disappointment that has swept through Yankee nation.

I'm a Mets fan, so to say that seeing Yankee misery doesn't make me secretly crack a grin is not being honest. With the exception of a brief period in the late 1980s, being the only Mets fan in a family full of Yankee fans has left me the subject of ridicule more often than not, with the ultimate disappointment coming in the fall of 2000.

Needless ...

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