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Tuesday September 27th 2022


Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees: 2011 Chapter Starts on April 8

year, there is a lot of buildup for the first Yankees/Red Sox matchup.  Whenever the two AL East powerhouses meet, excitement is sure to ensue—whether it's a brawl, an extra-inning thriller or a pitching duel. 

These two teams have been dominant forces in the league for as long as anyone can remember—the Yankees, with their 27 World Series' titles, and the Red Sox, constantly lurking in the shadow of their evil empire rival. 

The last time that neither team was in the playoffs was in 1993, when only two teams from each league were selected for postseason play.  Since then, after the creation of the divisional series in 1995 (there was no postseason in 1994), New York and Boston have been cruising into the playoffs ...

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