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Tuesday January 19th 2021


Andy Pettitte’s Probable Departure Shines Light on Yankees’ Curious Offseason

you know where to find the panic button, Yankees fans, feel free to press it now.

(Go ahead. Don't be shy. Tilt back the head of that Kevin Maas bust. There it is, in all its resplendent fury. Push it. Good job.)

Your team is officially in serious trouble. I know many believed that was already the case when Cliff Lee chose to sign with the Phillies, but that was premature doom-and-gloom.

Lee's cold shoulder was merely a pothole in the Yankees' offseason—something with the potential to do serious damage, but only if other, more sinister forces came into play.

The news on Andy Pettitte certainly qualifies as that sinister force. It's like the Yankees hitting the Lee pothole, running down a litter of kittens on the side of the road, ...

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