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Saturday December 5th 2020


Andy Pettitte To Retire: Pedro Martinez and 10 Best Options for New York Yankees

the Yankees were bounced out of the playoffs by the Rangers last season, the question has been "Is Andy Pettitte going to retire?"

The question has bugged all Yankee fans, who just felt he should give it one more go, just one more. Then there were those who said: "He gave it a good run. It's sad to see him go, but every hero has to ride off into the sunset at some point."

That's what Pettitte has been to the Yankee organization since he made his debut in 1995. He's been a hero, a folk legend in the minds of Yankee fans.

What measures Pettitte's legend status is that, when forced to face his past steroid usage, he didn't run like other players. When faced with it, Pettitte stood up and took the consequences for his actions, facing each ...

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