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Sunday September 27th 2020


Andy Pettitte Has to Be Healthy for the New York Yankees in October

we get closer to the end of August, the Yankees' playoff rotation is on my mind. It should be a concern of many Yankee fans, so I am going to address it here. My basic point is, the Yankees need Andy Pettitte back and healthy, or they won't get past the first round of the postseason. 

C.C. Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda are the only locks to start in the playoffs right now. Pettitte is on track to come back by the time the postseason starts, but nothing will surprise me. After those three, there is the traveling circus of Garcia, Nova, and Hughes. Nova has quit the circus for the time being to rest his shoulder that was hurt from walking around with a monkey on it. 

Nova and Hughes are very similar pitchers. They are both young and inconsistent. ...

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