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Tuesday August 20th 2019


Analyzing Robinson Cano’s Open-Market Value vs. Yankees Value

class="ui-droppable">What is Robinson Cano really worth?

Well, that depends. Are we asking the open market, or are we asking the New York Yankees?

To a certain extent, it doesn't really matter. No matter who ends up signing the checks, Cano is soon going to be paid like one of the game's very best players. He's earned that right; there's a wide assortment of numbers that can vouch for his status as one of the game's top superstars (more on those in a moment).

But let's just say I got to thinking. I found myself pondering what Cano can realistically hope for on the open market this winter, and then I found myself pondering whether he's worth more or less than that amount to the Yankees.

It'll all make sense in the end (or so ...

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