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Saturday September 26th 2020


An Open Letter to Alex Rodriguez to Never Show His Face in MLB Again

class="ui-droppable">Dear Alex Rodriguez,

Or should I address you as "A-Rod?" Yeah, that sounds good. Certainly easier to type, anyway.

At any rate, I hear you're on the comeback trail. It's been almost four full months since you had surgery on your left hip, and the word on Monday from Adam Berry of MLB.com was that you can finally participate in some baseball activities.

The word after your surgery was that there was a chance you could return to the New York Yankees around the All-Star break. That sounded optimistic at first, but now it sounds about right. In fact, it sounds like you may even be back on the field before Derek Jeter.

But you're not too sure, are you?

"I really hope so. That's as specific as ...

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