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Thursday December 3rd 2020


All Time Yanks vs. All Time Red Sox: The Penultimate Game 7!

we were going to leave you hanging, huh? No such luck—let's tune in.


Mutt Munson: "Hello everyone, I'm Mutt Munson and I'm here with my great friend and longtime broadcast partner Jock Johnson, and today from Fenway Park we bring you the final game of what has been a thrilling match up so far between loaded contingents from New York and Boston.

And, Jock, this series has been stoked with controversy almost since it's opening with fans questioning line up calls and in particular the move of Ted Williams to right field, but that seems to have gone on without a hitch. Williams has played error-less ball in right and his bat has been on fire since the outset of the series." 

Jock Johnson: "Well why not, ...

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