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Tuesday August 16th 2022


Alex Rodriguez Vs. Barry Bonds: Who Is More Hated?

the aftermath of Alex Rodriguez's 600th home run, many have downplayed his milestone because of his admitted usage of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), and have compared him to another user, the current home run king, Barry Bonds. 

For the most part, the players have been compared because Bonds currently has the most HRs, and A-Rod may at some point overtake him. Additionally, they are both are not (or were not) the best team players, as many viewed them as selfish in their own greed and personal success. And most importantly, they both took PEDs, and have had to endure a particularly negative backlash as a result. 

With that, we can assume that Bonds and A-Rod are two of the most hated players in baseball to come out of the Steroid ...

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