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Monday December 4th 2023


Alex Rodriguez, the Greatest Yankees Third Baseman Ever, Deserves the Money

New York Yankees, whose management is synonymous with arrogance, made a terrible error when they signed Alex Rodriguez to a contract that ends in 2017. The mistake was not signing A-Rod. It was giving him such a lengthy deal.

While the Yankees and their fans will never forget the cost of the contract, it is possible to evaluate how Rodriguez has performed since he was traded to the Yankees in exchange for Alfonso Soriano and Joaquin Ariason on Feb. 16, 2004.

Since joining the Yankees, and taking into account only his tenure with New York, Alex Rodriguez ranks as the greatest third baseman in Yankees' history.

From 2005-11, Rodriguez has batted .295/.391/.550, averaging 41 home runs and 131 RBI over a 162-game season. His WAR (Wins ...

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