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Tuesday July 7th 2020


Alex Rodriguez Drama Is Hurting Baseball and the New York Yankees

get it. MLB wants to throw the book at Alex Rodriguez and has tried to do that in the form of a 211-game suspension for the aging slugger, detailed here by Yahoo Sports' Ronald Blum. The sides are currently involved in arbitration after Rodriguez invoked his right to fight the suspension. 

While MLB and its commissioner, Bud Selig, may want to drive A-Rod from the sport, the drama that continues to surround A-Rod is hurting the sport. Both sides are unhappy, but both sides need to meet somewhere in the middle to resolve this. An agreement that both sides will ultimately be unhappy with would be best for all parties involved just so both sides and the sport of baseball can move forward. 

Handing A-Rod a 211-game suspension when reigning ...

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